The Stonebridge Advantage

We understand that selection of a settlement company is a crucial decision.  We recognize that the settlement company can mean the difference between an error free settlement and a settlement nightmare.  With that in mind, it is our policy to provide complete, honest information, fair prices and friendly, personalized service even on the go.  

Personalized Service

We don't choose favorites at Stonebridge Title.  We understand that everyone has an interest in a smooth closing, whether it be the purchaser, seller, real estate agent or lender.  We accordingly treat everyone involved in the transaction as important.  When you call, you will always be connected to a knowledgeable settlement professional.  If any follow-up is required, we follow up with you.  We strive to ensure a smooth, error free settlement.

Knowledgeable Staff

We have some of the most knowledgeable and amiable people in the business working for us.   We don't bring in new people every few years.  Our director of settlement services and head processor have been making smooth closings their business for us for years now.  

Competitive Prices

We provide settlement services at competitive prices, both on settlement fees and title insurance.  Underwritten by Stewart Title Guaranty Company, we offer an array of title insurance policies designed to meet the needs of each of our clients.  Contact us for a free estimate of settlement fees.

Mobile Settlements

We have introduced a new feature designed to make the settlement process easier for the real estate professional and their clients – the mobile settlement.  Upon request, we can bring the settlement to you.  Whether in an office, home, or other location, our settlement professionals possess the capability to conduct a settlement anywhere within the Northern Virginia.  Contact us for more information on this exciting new service.